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The Fresh Face Gravure Idol Nene Yoshitaka In A Slow And Sensual 3 Fuck Feature! Her First Orgasm 3 Hour Special
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 新人グラドル吉高寧々のじっくりたっぷり性感開発3本番!初イキ3時間Special


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: October 13, 2017

GENRES: Ropes & Ties Beautiful Girl Slender Idol & Celebrity Minimal Mosaic

ACTRESSES: Nene Yoshitaka


The face is so beautiful that you can still feel the cuteness and godliness. Personally, this size of beautiful small breasts is the best balance for this beautiful face. The picture that the nipple that becomes crunchy by caressing and rotating with a rotor is the best. I was able to immunize with the first work, even if I had a sloppy way of speaking and a messy pant, so I didn't really care. Recently, the number of children who play with man hair excessively has increased, but I like the fact that they haven't touched it. Her debut work has a strong element of the purpose of showing off a beautiful woman, and it was neither good nor bad as an AV, but I think her second work was quite good. Stick rotors, electric vibrators, oils, and cunnilingus, all items, licking and caressing eyes are irresistible erotic and beauty. Her blowjob is also excellent. She has a cute sucking face and a big erotic sound. The rhythm of her piston is also good. It's nice to have a tortoise face while sucking. At the first missionary position of oil SEX, I was surprised that she suddenly swung her hips up and down without hesitation even though she was instructed. Moreover, a super obscene sense of rhythm. The cowgirl grind is also amazing. Personally, I think that net remove like this child is more erotic than a fierce child. I can't wait to see Ken Shimizu and her hands stuck in her pants while showing her aside while wearing her clothes. In addition, half-naked, "Please watch Oma * ko?" Is dramatically cute. The gap is exquisite that such a child looks like this when licking M-shaped anus in face sitting. A number of exquisite images that have an advantage in visual addition. Don't underestimate this child as ornamental. It is clear that not only her facial deviation value but also her experience value of etch is high. Next time, I can see a lot of blame, and it seems that I will become a ridiculously erotic child with about 2 more works. It would be the strongest if it happened with this undisputed visual. You should watch the second work of hops and steps, where such expectations grow.

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