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Drunk Girl Orgy NTR My Beloved Wife Is Normally A Neat And Clean Lady, But When She Goes To A Drinking Party She Turns Into A Horny Bitch Who Wants To Ride Some Dude's Cock Tsukasa Aoi
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 泥酔乱交NTR 僕の愛妻は普段清楚なのに飲み会になるとマ○コおっぴろげて他人棒をハメたがる隠れ淫乱ビッチ 葵つかさ


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: October 27, 2017

GENRES: Shame Young Wife Cheating Wife Drunk Girl Minimal Mosaic

ACTRESSES: Tsukasa Aoi


5 scenes in total. 1 is BBQ and shows pants. 2 is stripped naked in the living room, inserted into the manager of the business partner in the public circle, "big, harder than her husband", and shot at missionary posture. Please give her enthusiasm to the man in the company, and she is told that she will continue to do so, and that her partner manager is secret. She looks like a sex slave, and Tsukasa "does this." I don't seem to like it. 3 has a man take him to the bathroom, and after F * ra, he is sticky with a handjob. In the living room, Tsukasa fell asleep in his underwear, and the remaining two people put on and take off their underwear. It is inserted alternately and "it feels better than my husband", continuous facial cum shot at missionary posture. It is strange that the makeup and underwear have changed from the previous scene. A man she called Ryuji told her to tell her when she decided on a new production, "Now, I'm lonely." Is it stressful to be fleshy? 5 is a bet and she replies to BBQ when she is cunnilingus by a business partner who returned on the way, and her husband calls "It will be late, so I will go home as soon as it is over, sleep". She puts on and takes off the man's underwear and says, "Obasan will make you feel good." She calls many times but ignores it. Sleeping back from all fours, missionary posture and "hard" facial cum shot. She ignored the phone and played the second round. Her belly is chubby and greasy. The doggy style on all fours is thick and looks more like a sow sow than a bitch bitch when naked. This is a highlight because it is hard to see. It's a disappointing figure as I say Obasan, but it has improved in recent works.

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