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Exclusive NO.1 STYLE Koharu Suzuki S1 Debut Mixed Body Fluids, Deep Sex Complete And Uncut Special
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 専属NO.1 STYLE 鈴木心春エスワンデビュー 交わる体液、濃密セックス 完全ノーカットスペシャル


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: December 8, 2017

GENRES: Beautiful Girl Big Tits Nymphomaniac Kiss Kiss Minimal Mosaic

ACTRESSES: Koharu Suzuki


I think that the body has been further refined after transferring to S1. The looks, style, and entanglement are erotic and perfect, but I didn't understand the intention of appointing an actor. Yamada is doing S. This person is for M only.

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