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A Peeping Real Document! This Handsome Picking Up Girls Expert Filmed Koharu Suzuki In Her Private Moments For 27 Days By Pretending To Be A Magazine Editor, And Tricked Her Into Sex, And We Captured It All On Video For You
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 盗撮リアルドキュメント! 密着27日、鈴木心春のプライベートを激撮し、雑誌編集者を装ったイケメンナンパ師に引っ掛かって、SEXまでしちゃった一部始終


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: January 19, 2018

GENRES: Big Tits Picking Up Girls Voyeur Documentary Minimal Mosaic

ACTRESSES: Koharu Suzuki


The biggest drawback of this actress is that she is hairless. When she is hairless or shaved, she feels like she is dying. She has the best face and body, but she has a professional feeling just because she has no hair. When she first H in private, if the other party is hairless, she will wither at once. She's really a waste. If you grow your pubic hair well, give it 5 stars.

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