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130 Orgasms! Over 5000 Orgasm Contractions! 13 Cups of Squirting Fluid! An Erotic Beautiful Girl With A Very Sensitive Body Awakens to Her True Potential: Her First Multiple Orgasm Special - YURI
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 激イキ130回!絶頂痙攣5000回以上!イキ潮3300cc!超ビンカン極エロ美少女 エロス覚醒 はじめての大・痙・攣スペシャル YURI


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: January 19, 2018

GENRES: Ropes & Ties Beautiful Girl Squirting Facial Minimal Mosaic



YURI who showed eroticism from the AV debut work. This second work is also skipped, Stimulated by O-nko, it spouts tides, squirrel tides, and tides many times. It's cute and the body is excellent. I'm used to licking a duck mouth, and I can handle two, three, orgy with the upper and lower holes. YURI's pussy is too sensitive. The pant voice of screaming Iki may be cute. Anyway, the whole story is terribly erotic and sexually tough. I have no choice but to call him Nasty Nee-san, YURI. Such a woman wants to know the limits of sex. How many cocks she can pass through in a row, or how many hours can she continue to blow How long can I continue to have sex until my asthma disappears ... I'll do it, YURI! !! !!

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