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Fresh Face No.1 Style A Miraculous Divine And Slender Lady A Real Life Gravure Idol Noa Mizuhara Her AV Debut
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 新人NO.1STYLE 奇跡のスレンダー女神BODY 現役グラドル水原乃亜AVデビュー


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: March 14, 2018

GENRES: Beautiful Tits Slender Idol & Celebrity Debut Minimal Mosaic

ACTRESSES: Noa Mizuhara


It's a debut work, but it's a former erotic idol. Her style is as slender as she looks, her breasts are very attractive, and her pubic hair doesn't look good on her face and is bushy! As for the contents, I took off for the first time, checked the sensitivity in a swimsuit, the first etch, blowjob facial cumshots, gravure video, and toys passed away, and the second etch, 3P, all the actors were different and gorgeous. Even the first etch seemed to be comfortable because it was poked quite violently. When playing with toys, I was curious to try out various toys, so I did my best. I think that it is a work with a fairly high level overall because there are many gravure images that are separated and I am quite satisfied with it.

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