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A Kansai Idol In A Mind-Blowing Orgasmic Explosion! She Was Forbidden From Fucking For A Month And Now She's Spasming In A Back Breaking Mind-Blowing Trance Pounding Fuck Frenzy Miko Matsuda
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ORIGINAL TITLE: なにわの国民的アイドル理性ブッ飛びオーガズム大爆発!禁欲1ヶ月後の痙攣しまくりエビ反り失神トランスFUCK 松田美子


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: March 30, 2018

GENRES: Beautiful Girl Kiss Kiss Idol & Celebrity Sweating Minimal Mosaic

ACTRESSES: Miko Matsuda


Regardless of whether it's easier for the performer to produce according to the shooting format set for abstinence for one month, the production that makes you rush and endure is awkward and this is a stressful explosion! It is awakening After all, the director's lecture has a different sense of comparing the comparison target that "convenience store rice balls when hungry are better than French food when full", and if anything, yakiniku is better than rice balls. Omeko is also happy to hang down. It's a pity that Miko Matsuda's naniwa nori has ended up unexploded rather than exploding because there was a pretense before that and the blame level of the cocks was low calorie for one rice ball. A big explosion of orgasm in the second round! Since I'm fainting, there is a cheap production of stopping shooting, but it's more exciting because I rephrase "No!" I don't think it's possible to select an actor who can't talk or blame words in addition to making the actress care, just because the shooting goes smoothly according to the schedule. As expected, the remaining 3P is also a Karami that Meiko matches with the actor's reticence and adultness, so there are promises such as squirting W blowjob, but since it is an erotic manga-like production, is it content that only flower garden users can enjoy as mentioned above? !! If you want to direct a Kansai woman with "Naniwa no ○○", I want you to assign an actor who can firmly ad-lib talk, even if it looks like a chara man, it's hard to see it in a slapstick that the non-rear filling will soon come out! !! !! The reason why a certain Kimishima Mio can handle an amazing number of appearances is probably because he does not even have sex at the shooting site, and the actor with the same face does not sweat every time and he can do it because he does not ejaculate every time, right? In that case, all that remains is the dirty talk position. I didn't want her production to ruin her erotic potential, which would have been trained by more vile and powerful metamorphosis men in the Osaka era and in private, it may be her own self-produced because it is a job. but··· I understand that it is an idol route as a measure to lock in the purchasing group, but deregulation a little more! Aim for the second Hotaru Akane, China Miyu! !! !!

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