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Flesh Fantasy Twitching And Trembling Sex With An Exquisitely Beautiful And Muscular Body, Honed And Trained Through Sex Toka Rinne
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ORIGINAL TITLE: セックスで鍛えた極美筋肉ボディの肉弾ビクビク性交 凛音とうか


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: July 13, 2018

GENRES: Muscular Big Tits Slender Cowgirl Squirting Minimal Mosaic

ACTRESSES: Touka Rinne


Looks and acting were really irresistible. I didn't really like the planning settings, but I pre-purchased it and it's my treasure. I'm glad I bought it. However, if you want, I feel that the work is completed by the director, actress, and actor. I think the significance of the work is to provide healing and excitement to the viewer, so please do not forget that perspective. Toka-san's teacher appearance, temptation dirty words whispered like an older sister, and kissing just delusions make her nose hang down. There are many M series in her work, so I would like her to expect more active projects from her. Also, as she has a lot of works that get naked soon, she wants to expect an element of wearing erotic clothes. It depends on the content of the project, but in general, not only the acting of girls and actors, but also the elements and costumes around the subject are very important. Room atmosphere, perfumes and other relaxing props and actress costumes. Regarding costumes, it is essential to study women's costumes and fashion magazines that you usually see in the city. Accessories such as rings, necklaces and earrings, hairstyles, lipsticks and eyebrows, cheeks, shoes such as socks and high heels, etc. are all temptation factors. The degree of healing changes even during viewing. Healed by such a great woman ... I can't stand feeling the gap ... tears of joy You will be fine until the release. .. A neat but neat pheromone Munmun Natoka's teacher, a temptation dirty word whispered like an older sister, a kiss just delusions and my nose hangs down ... Uhi ... Just imagining it is irresistible. I'm glad to be alive! I want to see more works h that really seem like that ... In the same series, if you have pantyhose female teacher, plain clothes coordination OL, nurse, nursery teacher, CA virgin thing, temptation sex while wearing a garter belt, it is a rod dokata. There are similar works, but the planning and atmosphere were not very good. I would like to expect a work that thoroughly fulfills the delusions of a man hidden in everyday life and makes a man stupid. Especially for CA, there aren't many good works in the industry as a whole, and gravure is doing its best. I want you not to lose. There are situations other than in-flight, such as seducing the captain to the hotel and seducing the guests in the guest room. I'd like to write a concrete example because I really like this kind of work ... When such a DVD comes out, I'm going to heaven with a nosebleed boo ...

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