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Fresh Face NO.1STYLE Fumika Hatsuno AV Debut
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ssni-278 poster



STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: August 3, 2018

GENRES: Beautiful Tits College Girl Beautiful Girl Slender Debut Minimal Mosaic

ACTRESSES: Fumika Hatsuno


Miss "Fumika", a peeled egg that looks very delicious. She's also a pitch pitcher, and she's likely to be in the industry. She has a rough ripeness in all sexual skills and can be expected. She's pretty cute, but she's like a girl before she's cute. Transparency as shown in the package. Her body is thin and her breasts are small but crisp and well-shaped. And pie bread. She is shy and shy on her first take off. In her first sex, she is squeezed by M-shaped spread legs and her anal looks good. The movement of her hips in her cowgirl position is awkward and slow. I think it's a good work that seems to be her debut work.

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