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Lusty Kissing Slut's Spit Swap Sloppy Licking Fuck Yua Mikami
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 欲情した接吻痴女の唾液交換ベロ舐めセックス 三上悠亜


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: August 15, 2018

GENRES: Slut Kiss Kiss Cowgirl Idol & Celebrity Minimal Mosaic



Former idol Yua Mikami finally gets involved with Bokki Sugiura, a mysterious actor! Moreover, the theme is kissing! How long has it been for an AV that I can't wait to get excited about a month before the notice came out? I thought about purchasing on Blu-ray, but I couldn't wait to purchase it on the delivery date. First of all, I am really grateful to Director Mon ℃ for casting and Mikami for responding to it. I think Mikami has definitely taken off as an AV actress in this work, and I think she has become a professional in the true sense of the word. She had given up somewhere that she wouldn't get involved with so-called Kimo actors or old man actors. However, when I took this opportunity to look at her blog and Twitter, she unexpectedly became a fan of an actress who was a hard worker and had professional guts. The content is like a filthy version of a certain maker's work "Thick Berokisu Kissing Nipple Licking Esthetic Salon" directed by Crest ℃. In the last chapter, that Mikami generously fascinates Bokki with a rich kiss and a fierce performance. Her longing idol gives her bald father the jealousy, envy, and immoral excitement of being cuckolded. Both of them are covered with spills and loosen up, and at the end, Bokki is good at it, and even if the other party is Mikami, he is begging for "eyes" and finishes in the missionary position. If there is something missing in this series of works directed by Crest C, it would be a point that is beyond the scope of customs. That's the difference with director Goemon, a pioneer of love love kissing SEX of beautiful girl vs father. I definitely want to see Mikami who challenged love flirting other than so-called acts such as staring at Bokki, smiling, and murmuring. I saw her telling her on Twitter that she would like to wear a uniform and play the role of a schoolgirl. I hope that Mikami will appear in the famous series "Oyaji and JK's Dense Berokisu Continuous Creampie" directed by Goemon. If JK is impossible, how about "Dense belokis continuous vaginal cum shot of father and idol"? A setting called Idol Mikami and Ossan Manager Bokki. If you always play a scene where she sings and dances with a wipe image in the corner of the screen, it is the birth of an NTR god work that remains in AV history.

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