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A 3D CG Masterpiece That Gave The Most Nookie In History To Its Fans Is Now Cumming At You In A Live Action Adaptation! A Summer Promise - Memories of Summertime With My Big Sister - Aoi
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 3DCG同人史上もっともヌかれた名作を実写化! 夏の約束 ~お姉ちゃんとひと夏の思い出~ 葵


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: August 31, 2018

GENRES: Older Sister Big Tits Original Collaboration Titty Fuck Minimal Mosaic



I also watched the original CG, but I think that it has been made into a live-action film with a good feeling. The original was a work that was quite missing, but I wonder if Aoi-chan's introduction wouldn't be erotic. The mosaic is also dark.

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