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Mixed Body Fluids, Deep Sex Azusa Oto
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 交わる体液、濃密セックス 音あずさ


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: August 31, 2018

GENRES: Beautiful Girl Slender Nymphomaniac Minimal Mosaic



I feel that the neat image of S1 is more suitable for the character. I will omit the comment on the flare because other people have commented on it, but the slightly awkward waist gives a pure impression. After that, look! The line of sight looking at this person's opponent is very exciting. Even though it doesn't have a distinctive facial expression, the line of sight that stares at the other person while being Tron leaves an impression on me for some reason. The small breasts and soy nipples also had an adult-like appearance, but I was excited to give the impression that the loli-like appearance remained.

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