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A Literary Girl Ties Me Up So I Can't Resist And Molests Me With A Smile On Her Face. Moe Amatsuka
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 抵抗できないよう僕を拘束し笑みを浮かべジワジワ痴女ってくる文学女子 天使もえ


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: November 2, 2018

GENRES: Ropes & Ties Beautiful Girl Slut Handjob Dirty Talk Minimal Mosaic

ACTRESSES: Moe Amatsuka


I expected it because I said, "I'll mess it up!" I'm sorry for the plain content ... I wanted it to be messed up with more SM-like elements (whip, candle, strap-on) or more, so I made it four stars ... The actor's setting is ◎! Expectations for future series!

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