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1-Year Anniversary! Her First Bukake, Shaved Pussy And Orgy! Poke Her Trembling Shaved Pussy As She Orgasms With 20 Dicks. Relentless Fucking. Huge Orgy. Special Featuring 20 Sex Scenes. Yura Kano
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 祝1周年!ぶっかけ&パイパン&大乱交トリプル解禁! 絶頂してビクビクしている無毛おま○こをチ○ポ20本で突きまくる怒涛のおかわり激ピストン超乱交20本番スペシャル 架乃ゆら


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: November 16, 2018

GENRES: Beautiful Girl Orgy Shaved Pussy Nymphomaniac BUKKAKE Minimal Mosaic



Shit cute. She became a fan of Yura-chan. She looked for a bukkake, but she was completely drawn in. Shooting non-stop, the piston of a professional actor is powerful. There are many scenes where he screams, "●● san, Ikuukuua" every time he remembers each person's name and the size of the chinko. It seems that he likes big chin and develops Portio (in the work) (Maybe it is a masterpiece because Portio's awesome evaluation is high) He is carefully made and can be seen at once. It's been a while since he was impressed with AV. It seems that Minami's Chinko has become a favorite, and every time Minami enters, she shouts, "It's good to hit a comfortable place." Wolf. huge. She screamed, "The biggest and most lively rice cake." In the moving scene celebrating the first anniversary, he cried and was really cute. He is also cute to drink ginger ale. He feels that the soup actor is also semi-professional and can take command. Moreover! In this work, it is not just a bukkake, but a facial shot from a rubber fit. Unusual making. If it works, it's better. The soup actor would have been fun. Urayama. There were a lot of guys who weren't good at removing rubber, but it's uncut, so it can't be helped. And finally. Perhaps the south fits in and the soup actor appears and ejaculates together. This guy has a lot of juice. (Maybe the shaved fat) When cleaning, he says "It's bitter ...". It was a festive white firework that symbolized the end. A dream-like work that seems to come out in a dream. Yura-chan seems to be serious about AV, so I don't think it will disappear, but I don't know when it will disappear in this era. If that happens, it's a work that will remain in my heart completely! I was excited.

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