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The Sexy And Kind New Nurse Takes Control And Fucks A Patient Who Is Unable To Move. Arina Hashimoto
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 身動き取れない患者を完全主導でセックス看護するエロ過ぎ世話好き新米ナース 橋本ありな


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: December 12, 2018

GENRES: Nurse Beautiful Girl Slut Handjob Dirty Talk Minimal Mosaic

ACTRESSES: Arina Hashimoto


This is Arina Hashimoto for the first time. This is a review for the first time, not for fans. Arina Hashimoto, who was afraid of her teeth alignment while thinking that she was insanely cute and had a good style, had finished her orthodontics and she had beautiful teeth, so I bought it for the first time. Her only drawback was the cleanliness of her teeth, which made her an irresistible, insanely cute and preeminent actress. Her small face, crisp eyes and well-balanced facial features still have a presence like "Well, is this an AV actress?" Even after becoming a veteran. And clear white skin. There are many actresses with white skin, but I have never seen white skin so far. Her style is also perfect. A bust that fits comfortably in one hand, a moderately constricted waist, a beautiful white hip, and stretchy limbs. Ideal. The sweet voice is also cute. I've read an interview about piercing with a flirting character, but I'm thorough. Scene 1 Without blow job. With her lovely eyes and a mischievous smile, it is a masterpiece to lick from the bald father's scalp to the ball bag, anus, and toes. There are many ups, but the face and skin are really beautiful. Scene 2 SEX. SEX while wearing a white transparent bra and pantyhose with an open crotch. The nipples that shine in cherry blossoms are insanely fresh and beautiful. Scene 3 SEX. SEX with similar costumes follows. Scene 4 Without blow job. I also put footjob with beautiful legs, but it is a little toned down from scene 1. Scene 5 Samejima and SEX. The most intense and long SEX. Her underwear turns into a black bra and panties. Blow that makes a man crawl on all fours and sneaks under is erotic. Samejima's smashed character also tasted good. For those who like intense SEX, I think it feels lukewarm, but personally I like the one-on-one rich entanglement, so it was good that all the scenes were one-on-one. What should be special is that although the S-1 has a lot of drowsy image quality out of focus, it is almost pinch and highly accurate. Arina-chan's cuteness and beautiful skin were put to good use.

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