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The Brutal Gang Rape Of A Female Student ~An Honor Student Is Targeted By Intruders And Used As A Sex Slave~ Yura Kano
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 女子生徒鬼畜輪姦レ●プ~侵入者たちに標的にされた性処理優等生~ 架乃ゆら


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: December 12, 2018

GENRES: Humiliation Gang Bang Schoolgirl Reluctant Nymphomaniac Minimal Mosaic



It's good to hate and resist without falling to the end ~ Fired with deep throat, rep, restrained and squid, raped again by another man, then forced to blow in front of other students and the last is a ring. I lick Yura-chan, who dislikes every scene, and slowly go through every scene. The way the clothes were disturbed was also erotic and awesome. When I say greed, I always say "I don't like it" or "Hmm" to express that Yura-chan dislikes it. I also wanted to see him being struck by a man while crying without giving out. I wanted Yura-chan's mouth to be closed with panties instead of a boy student

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