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Steamy Love Affair! Alpha Ex-Boyfriend Reunites With Newly Married Nami Hoshino !
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 汗まみれのベロキス不倫性交 星野ナミ 再会した絶倫元カレと新妻の濃密な情事


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: January 17, 2019

GENRES: Married Woman Kiss Kiss Cheating Wife Sweating Minimal Mosaic

ACTRESSES: Nami Hoshino


It's an affair, but I feel like there's no punch ... I'm sure it's entwined and sweaty, but ... the entanglement itself ... feels normal! ... Nami-chan who feels more standing and cunnilingus than Belochu and Nami-chan who is shy with a man's finger covered with tide while saying "I will come out .." to a fierce finger man who becomes M-shaped I felt it! ... It's nice to have a cheek on Ji-Po, but ... I wanted to see more strength and tongue sticking out and licking back streaks and balls more firmly, and more nasty affair play (more husband is not enough) I think I was more excited if I played with frustration all over) ...

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