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19 Years Old Mei Hata Her First Orgasm! Her First Squirting! A 3-Fuck Sensuality-Blossoming Special
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 19歳 畑めい 初イキ!初潮吹き!性感開発3本番スペシャル


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: January 17, 2019

GENRES: Beautiful Girl Kiss Kiss Squirting Threesome / Foursome Facial Minimal Mosaic



I was excited about the scene where Mei Hata was painfully panting and giving "I'm gone", but Samejima continued to make a hard piss at the woman on top posture. After that, there are plenty of highlights such as Belochu while pushing up Hata Mei at the woman on top posture and Belochu where Hata Mei is dying in Bikunbikun with a super high speed Mach piston back with arms. The expression of Mei Hata who is bathed in a ferocious Mach intense piston at the back woman on top posture with arms, which is probably the first time in her life, makes her mouth half-open and panting with a slight hyperventilation, is super cute. Even after that, the tech of AV actor Samejima, such as the tech of Samejima who keeps thrusting the pussy of Mei Hata who is easy to push up by riding on the back while playing with chestnuts, Mei Hata feels too comfortable and does not know what to do and panting. It becomes mellow. She (she seemed to really fall in love with Samejima) It's a pity that the finish was not a facial but a milk shot. Mei Hata seemed to want her face. Sagawa's scene is acting. It was good to have a facial finish! 3P with Yuto Kuroda and Muscle Sawano. Expectations are rising as to how much Kuroda's big cock will poke the pussy of the transcendent cute field Mei! Mei Hata, who was acting in the back of Muscle Sawano, is thrown into the pussy with Yuto Kuroda's big cock in the back. It is clear to everyone that she is panting and looks different from Muscle Sawano. Mei Hata who squirts and dies in a blink of an eye when she is stabbed by her arm-holding back. She is passed away after that, but Samejima's fuck is so intense that it doesn't leave an impression. I want to see the match against Samejima again. I want her to finish off with a facial shot this time.

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