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This 170cm Tall Girl With A Thin Body And A Tiny Waist Is Going Cum Crazy! Totally Squirting x 2! 3 First Experiences Special Rikka Inui
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 170cm8等身ボディ細腰クビレめちゃイキ!めちゃ×2潮吹き!初体験3本番スペシャル 乾りっか


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: February 2, 2019

GENRES: Ropes & Ties Slender Squirting Threesome / Foursome Huge Dick - Large Dick



It is made to tide from the back woman on top posture with wide open legs. I love the warped back cowgirl on the slender body. The brightness and camera angle are good, so you can see it clearly. It's a very good work. Inui-chan, I like the constriction. And the chest is big. Shaved bread is also good. It's fair and pretty erotic, so it's good. The mediocre content of just tracing the formatted composition of 3P after having sex twice and without a blow job or masturbating. Many of the AV titles of this woman emphasize the constriction, but her breasts are big for her body and her breasts and nipples are beautiful in shape, which looks more attractive. Her face isn't beautiful, but she hasn't messed with it, and I think that's a good point, but since it's shaved, she doesn't feel like an amateur. Also, in the first chapter of sex with Kuroda, the lighting coming in through the window was too strong, and the woman's body was blown out in some places, and her exposure was completely wrong. It's a pity that she has a beautiful body. This actress has been checking since her debut, but she couldn't stand it and she bought it for the first time this time. I personally think that the style and cuteness without any drawbacks are top class. However, there is no blu-ray work. So I haven't bought it for a long time. I don't know if she's a contract for the actress's own intentions or her maker's policy, but even if she sells a blu-ray piece a few years later, she's honestly unwilling to buy it. Not to mention repurchasing. The best version of this maker is like an extension of the preview packed as much as possible, so rather than making the best version a blu-ray, as a true fan, I really hope to sell a single blu-ray work. .. This work was certainly a work that was particular about squirting, but I think that it is a hit work overall. I've become more and more fond of actresses.

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