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My Girlfriend's Little Sister Seduces Me With Her Bra-Less I-Cup Tits And I Can't Resist Her. Shion Yumi
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ORIGINAL TITLE: ノーブラIカップおっぱいで全力アピールしてくる彼女の爆乳妹と、誘惑に負けちゃう最低な僕。 夕美しおん


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: April 7, 2019

GENRES: School Girls Big Breasts Fetish Sister Fucking



Shion Yumi, a wonder golden ratio actress with 149 cm and slim but 100 cm breasts, created it as a personal project. Of course, I bought it because it's my favorite series after the S1 series' pacifier maid job, but it's absolutely right. The VR work was also fantastic, so I'm hoping to see it in more subjective projects in the future. Mr. Shion's job is something that seduces the boyfriend of a family familiar with the series and does it all over the place, but her height is a better spice this time. If it is a subjective work, it might be difficult to understand the actress's height (because the height discrepancy with the actress may be reflected by the camera position), but in the case of Shin-san, it is sweet to see that she is petite. It is mirrored. Big breasts that are tiny but swaying are also desirable! Also, the face is close to the eye, so you can appreciate the lovely features, and it's impossible not to smile from start to finish. Before joining the action, you can also enjoy the introductory section and the talk. In such a job, the small devilish acting would be an addictive task. The uniform scene is the show's high point. This scene is the nearest to the face, and the uniform is full of activity and looks fine. Talking to her on the first floor thus entwined with Shion on the second floor is unethical. Coming upstairs in the middle of the play was also a successful production. The final punch line was also amusing. Even if I get caught, I'm a carefree younger sister, but I'm worried that my sisters won't get along. As a result, I'm going to give you five stars. I hope you can continue to publish a variety of personal works.

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