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I'm A Teacher, And For 3 Days, While Her Parents Were Away, My S*****t And I Had Nothing But Sex Shion Yumi
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 担任の私と女子生徒が‘セックスだけ’していたご両親不在の3日間 夕美しおん


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: March 5, 2020

GENRES: Big Tits Cowgirl Drama Titty Fuck



In the chestnut, it's difficult. Piston speed is excessively slow. It was awarded 4 stars because there were two SEX scenes in uniform skirt clothes, plain clothes skirt clothes facial cumshots, and after-the-fact belochu. The final scene of the parents returning home is not a fade, but if the mother appears where she shots her face, I believe she skipped it. Teachers and students who were not supposed to be involved got involved, yet... it's very unfortunate! Yumi-body chan's isn't being used to its full potential! Why isn't there any fucking in any scene, despite the fact that I have so many boobs? I was looking forward to it, but I was a little disoriented. I believe that such a large-breasted child's job is solely for the purpose of fucking. Yumi-other chan's works include fucking, so why isn't this one? I'm curious. There was no fucking, so one star is deducted. I'll make a request for the next job. Rubber fired from behind 2 shots of normal milk Facial shot Finally, as the parents return and become entangled, the disruption comes to an end. Did you plan for your parents to track you down? Since the actor is a little gully, there is no compelling force of entanglement. I'd like to cast a strong model actor with a slightly plump actress like Shion-chan. The amount of time allotted to each chapter is also a bit short. Since the atmosphere was excellent, the outcome was extremely disappointing. It's a shame, because the actress is amazing. The entanglement is monotonous, and the overall richness is insufficient. Let's add a mouth shot or a bath scene to the mix. The woman in the top position then shifts halfway. Despite the fact that it is an excellent theme, I am unable to make the most of it. The actor is clean and takes care of his skin. Disqualification from the profession. If it's only an actress, it's just 5, and it's a complete waste of time. It's sweet, and it's three.

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