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The S1 Fan Thanksgiving Day The Colossal Tits Adult Video Idol Shion Yumi Will Be Visiting The Home Of An Amateur Today She'll Press Her Tits Up Against You And Unleash Her Powerful Nookie Techniques In A 12 Cum Shot Special
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ORIGINAL TITLE: S1ファン感謝祭 爆乳AVアイドル‘夕美しおん’が絶倫素人宅にお邪魔します おっぱい密着テクで即ヌキ12連発スペシャル


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: May 1, 2020

GENRES: Slut Big Tits Fan Appreciation/ Home Visit Titty Fuck



On, Yuumi... Her body is erotic and sweet, and she was the first actress I saw. The scene in her first bathroom where she was shooting with her clothes fucked was insanely sexual. I'll even purchase the next one. Shion-chan can be seen in this work loving and accusing her as if she were a real human. The three actors are to blame for different plays, and the school cosplay is adorable and serves me well. I really enjoy the environment in which people speak plainly while maintaining a youthful appearance. The first chapter's suggested scene is where you use a man's bathroom to suck a nipple in a swimsuit-like outfit with an open chest and fucking. Furthermore, it seems that doing a standing fellatio while getting ready for bed feels amazing, and it's also cool to see the saliva flowing from her mouth now and then. I was hoping for more close-ups of her lips. In the following chapter, a standing fellatio is performed immediately after entering the man's home, and it appears to be very easy to blame him for giving a firm saliva and a sticky blow job. We also suggest the scene in the final chapter where you enter the man's house and immediately let him place it in the back. Cute erotic is what I'll call it. For those interested in Shion-blame chan's game, this is a recommended job.

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