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Sex Syndrome: Extreme Yura Kano
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ORIGINAL TITLE: セックスシンドローム 極 架乃ゆら


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: July 15, 2020

GENRES: Beautiful Girl Slender Nymphomaniac Kiss Kiss Squirting



It begins with a scene in which Yura Kano, dressed neatly, touches her head, cheeks, and lips in the proper order. Of course, there would be no opposition. Rather, they seem to have responded with caution, raising hopes about what will happen in the future. Three entanglements, one blow job, and one masturbation scene make up the composition. Is it mostly a subjective scene because the actor's face is barely reflected? After becoming impatient with a toy, sexual appetite releases SEX for the first time. Her obedient demeanor and dialogue are fantastic. She is also erotic after being ejaculated in her mouth, with a satisfied smile on her face. And there's the scene where there's no blowjob. The euphoric expression of many people staring at the camera is appealing. The second time is Yura Kano's SEX, in which he hangs laundry in the form of naked + lotion and toy mischief. Yura-chan is depicted as a devout figure in the woman on top posture. One of the work's highlights is the fierce crawl back on all fours in the second half. Then there's the masturbation scene. The scene where the nude body is being played with at the start is excellent. Despite the fact that the chapter is titled masturbation, the material is split evenly between toy blame and masturbation. SEX in a metamorphic mask with an uncertain name appears for the third time. It's sexy that she keeps immersing herself in SEX while maintaining her compliant pose as she's encouraged to begin masturbation. Concerning the output. The lines are excellent. The word length and frequency are also appropriate. You can sense that the pronunciation is insufficient. As previously said, there is a lot of staring at the camera. This works particularly well in the blowjob scene. In addition, the picture scene was excellent. I particularly enjoy the scene with the blue long skirt because it is stunning. The contrast between the play content and the background is powerful. eerie! Since the brightness was changed in anticipation of the criticism, the picture is whitish and the contrast is poor in some areas. Adjust your settings with a clear picture in mind, or take action while shooting. Observation in general. The contrast between standing and not being nasty while maintaining a quiet demeanor, the look of begging for SEX, and the expression with a slight smile of joy is striking. Furthermore, although it is a simple passive pose, there is also a service play at the woman on top posture, ensuring that it is not entirely passive. It had been a long time since I'd seen a play, but it was a good erotic term! This is fantastic!

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