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3cm Below Her Crotch - A Seductive Nurse With Beautiful Legs In A Tight Miniskirt - Ichika Hoshimiya
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 股下3センチ美脚タイトミニスカナースの誘惑 星宮一花


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: July 15, 2020

GENRES: Nurse Slut

ACTRESSES: Ichika Hoshimiya


The content is as if a slut nurse is swallowing a patient, and the plot isn't much better. Rather, I admire the fact that you practically live in a pair of gleaming pantyhose. It was a gleaming pantyhose that I wanted producers and brands selling recent "pantyhose" to imitate, and I wanted to make sure I wore it. Despite the fact that it is titled pantyhose and hips, it is risky to approach it with unrealistic expectations since it is not primarily a work about the legs. Finally, it appears that the gleaming pantyhose has a mild flavor. Additionally, use crotch-holed pantyhose as a point of comparison. There's almost no shit development that doesn't crack crunchy... but the pantyhose are split around the last scene for no apparent reason. You may have been worried about the mannerism of seeing it, but this is the one thing you need not be disappointed about. I can't help myself because I haven't written a pantyhose work before. I got the feeling that if you weren't a shiny pantyhose / nurse, you wouldn't want to see Ichihana-chan, who appears to be a dirty person, because the material was lukewarm. As a result, it is recommended for Tecast, Nurse, and Ichihana fans, but it may be better to limit the number of rentals for others. I was a little disappointed that I needed to see the black techast if I was a slut without covering it, even if it was difficult as a nurse. When it comes to Ichika Hoshimiya, her work in black pantyhose has been amazing so far, but her lovely legs in white pantyhose as a nurse are also stunning. It's cool to see white stockings hanging by garter as well as pantyhose. Although there is little exposure of beautiful breasts and no naked scene, you can be persuaded if you believe that you can preserve the nurseishness by wearing clothing.

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