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I Was Stranded With My S*****t During A Sudden Rainstorm, So We Warmed Our Drenched Bodies And Engaged In Sweaty Fucking Sex, Over And Over Again, That Stormy Night Hiyori Yoshioka
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 帰宅難民になった教え子と濡れたカラダを暖め合い汗だくで何度もハメあった嵐の夜 吉岡ひより


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: August 14, 2020

GENRES: Beautiful Tits Beautiful Girl Slender Cowgirl

ACTRESSES: Hiyori Yoshioka


For me who has become an uncle and loves young children, in a terrific situation, love love kisses, actor's loving cunnilingus, Hiyori who seems to be comfortable? I like it! Recommended for uncles! Kind Mr. Ippei Nakata invited Hiyori Yoshioka, who became a refugee returning home due to heavy rain, into the room. However, Mr. Nakata who saw Yoshioka underwear from his short skirt can not suppress the male instinct. This is biologically unavoidable! I lend a towel to Hiyori, but I can see the bra from the soaked blouse. Nakata gives Yoshioka a man's home-cooked fried rice while restraining his motives. Yoshioka urges Nakata to estrus due to heavy rain. He refuses with the last reason, but Yoshioka forces him to collapse his reason. It is unlikely that a man will be able to keep his reason by being beloved by Hiyori Yoshioka. He has a cute J-type uniform, but white knee-highs are not good. Is he actually a spear man bitch? Yoshioka approaches Nakata with a belochu. Hiyori Yoshioka who seeks tongue entwined Belochu and estrus himself. Yoshioka's exquisite belochu. Great! Hiyori Yoshioka who keeps belochu while touching her nipples with Nakata half-naked. Ippei Nakata who is licked by Hiyori and faints in agony. Furthermore, the intensity of Belochu will increase. Hiyori Yoshioka who beloves while rubbing milk on Nakata. J-type book. I am an honor student. Yoshioka Takes off the soaked blouse and rubs the milk from the top of the bra while pursuing Belochu. He himself estruses and destroys Nakata's reason. Single middle-aged high school teacher Ippei Nakata It's the best day of my life! Super erotic belochu that continues. Hiyori who takes down Nakata's pants and suddenly blows an unwashed cock that has a full erection. How to lick is obscene. Furious erotic with J-type skirt clothes! Finally, Nakata also decided to spend his life as a teacher and commit Yoshioka. Ippei Nakata clings to her raw nipples with her instinct. This time, Mr. Nakata takes off his panties halfway and licks the pussy that will smell a little from the unwashed Hiyori. Yoshioka feels and panting. Nakata finally throws a cock into Yoshioka after a hot belochu again. I have finally crossed the line! Super erotic belochu missionary position. How Yoshioka fascinates Daishuki Hold! Ippei Nakata, who has shaken off, makes Yoshioka die at the woman on top posture and throws it in the back, making Yoshioka feel like a fierce piss. Nakata makes Hiyori feel good with standing back and ejaculates from the missionary position of Belochu to the belly, Hiyori's hands and skirt. I wanted you to shoot a hot feeling on Hiyori's beautiful face and semen belochu after the fact. After that, Mr. Nakata and Hiyori Yoshioka, who keep screaming until morning. Hiyori Yoshioka's belochu exquisite.

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