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My Girlfriend's Big Sister Is Beautiful And Has Big Tits And She's A Sadistic Bitch Too! And Since I'm A Maso Man, I Let Her Have Her Way With Me With Massively Extravagant Maso Sensual Plays Yua Mikami
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 彼女の姉は美人で巨乳しかもドS!大胆M性感プレイでなす術もなくヌキまくられるドMな僕。 三上悠亜


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: August 14, 2020

GENRES: Slut Big Tits Idol & Celebrity



It seems that it will be a work that makes me think that I was really glad I bought it this year. Mikami-san looks so cute, but she's a filthy girl or a queen, and she's so good at playing that she hurt a man. Despite the works of pets and queens, rather than the works of gentle M men and sluts, the erotic elements and highlights were perfectly studded. Recently, de S is just a name, and it was a trend that only gentle slut works, but it was a work that hurt a man such as candles and kicks, and that the highlights were well prepared. I want this director and Mikami-san to make another de S work. I'm sure this work will be a big hit Yua-chan's new frontier. I've come to Bing with plenty of sadism to do so far! !! It's amazing. Well, this is a super masterpiece! If you do Eswan, you can make a masterpiece w I think it's a line, but fluent Ibiri as if adding ad lib, relentless kicking, collar, candle ... Everything was natural and I was excited and watched at once without getting bored. I'm an actor I don't see much in dramas, but for some reason, the reception of de S is natural and super wonderful! If the actress who plays the role of S is seen as good, it will not be established unless the actor is good at acting. If you are not good at it, you can see the actress's refraining and omissions, but the best casting that does not omission at all. Because the relationship of trust between the two is strong, Yua could play the de S, which is close to madness, and a masterpiece may have been born. Would you please make a sequel with these two casts if possible? I can't help wondering what the relationship between Yua and M man and her sister's love triangle will be in the future. It would be interesting to find M man as her sister's pet. I was impressed to meet a masterpiece that I was very satisfied with while pulling it out for the first time in a long time. Thank you Yua-chan, M-kun, and the director! !! Thanks! !!

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