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This Girl Doesn't Look She Knows Anything About Sex But She'll Service You With A Smile And Give You All Sorts Of Secret Optional Frills Without Asking For Permission In This Absolutely Satisfaction Guaranteed Uniform Reflexology Salon Yura Kano
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ORIGINAL TITLE: SEXなんて知らなさそうな娘が笑顔で何発も勝手に裏オプしちゃう絶対満足制服リフレ 架乃ゆら


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: August 14, 2020

GENRES: Beautiful Girl Slut Cowgirl Handjob



Yura Kano's iron plate uniform, plump rose-apple peeking through her skirt, and a sweet, intimate work. About the contents. The first half is a handjob and blowjob, and the second half is a composition that follows the theme and content that the production scene and the innocent child gradually escalate. The highlight of the first half is flirting and panchira in uniform costumes. The plump and voluminous rose-apple that extends from the uniform skirt is impressive. Panchira is also a good angle with a high degree of fetish. Among them, the subjective chapter is excellent. I am fascinated by the close-knit production that conveys the softness of the skin. The second half is a highlight of the charming blame that is cute and mischievous. It seems that you will be captivated by the appearance of being more aggressive and more closely attached to sex than in the first half. The gap between the conversation scene and the play is also good. About the production. First of all, regarding the monologue. Since the scene settings and feelings are expressed in dialogue, there are few redundant scenes for explaining the situation, and the tempo is good and easy to see. However, when I was listening, I was a little worried that the sound would swing from side to side. In the case of a monologue, I want the sound to be localized in the center. Next, about uniform costumes. It looks great. Swimsuit is also quite good as a changing ball. However, in the latter half, the image of the transparent sailor suit, micro bikini and "uniform" is slightly diluted. From the point of view of the package's "beginner's slut" and the gap, I think it would have been better to recommend the standard "uniform" like the first half. Next, about the subjective scene. The tone that speaks gently, the whispering voice, sighs, facial expressions, and smiles are all very high class. In addition, the softness of the breasts and the texture of the soft skin, which change shape when touched by hand, are firmly captured, and it is a good production that you can feel the closeness that makes you feel thrilled. This is a wonderful chapter. General comment. The bright style is good. Works with N, T, and R are good, but I honestly think that if they continue, I'll see them again. I want something like this because it can be in between. By doing so, the style on the other side will stand out more ... maybe. Delivered to the great people of Eswan! Yura Kano's! A bright work! Cute! I like it! !!

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