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We Discovered This Skinny Girl, But Now She's Become A Voluptuous Beauty A CG Collection Of FANZA And Fan Fiction That Became A Hit And Achieved Record-Breaking Downloading Numbers + A Live-Action Manga Adaptation!! Shion Yumi
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ORIGINAL TITLE: ガリガリ娘を拾ったらムチムチ美女になりまして FANZA・同人で大ヒットDL数を記録したCG集+漫画を実写化!! 夕美しおん


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: August 14, 2020

GENRES: Big Tits Original Collaboration Titty Fuck



I'm sorry to recommend it to people who just like big breasts, but I can recommend it to people who like big breasts. Anyway, the scene of eating pasta, meat, and white rice is exciting, so it may be a little difficult if you are not within the permissible range. Am I such a basic part? I was very happy because I love the actress who can put out. The story is solid, so you can watch it till the end (it will come out at the end). Especially at the last love hotel, it's a bit of a mess, and when you look at it with emotion, it's quite a thing. Two points were not good. ・ About the picked up child. She had a normal figure, not a grind. Also, I think it's a difficult order, but I wish she had a slightly similar look. ・ Although it is the same as the original, it remains unpleasant to solve it with money for the devil father. It's unreasonable to ask the devil for reason, so maybe the only solution is to have him die (accidentally or intentionally). I'm worried about Yuumi's belly, but I have a review that her voice is similar to w Nicorun who is faithful to the original I read it first and then watched it, so That alone was dangerous (laughs) Shion Yumi is cute !! Body plump, chupachupa sucked Both nipples and co ○ are obscene colors (laughs) It feels good to see the lively food. Appetite and libido are proportional (laughs) The gap between the cute face and the plump body is good. As an aside, I feel that this child's voice is similar to Nicorun.

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