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(*Abnormal Massive Orgasms) The Greatest Eros Company Awakening! Furious Non-Stop Serious Sex Until Your Lust Is Exhausted Amu Hanamiya
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 【※異常なる大絶頂】エロス最大覚醒!性欲が尽き果てるまで怒涛のノンストップ本気性交 花宮あむ


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: September 4, 2020

GENRES: Big Tits Tall Girl Big Asses Nymphomaniac Squirting

ACTRESSES: Amu Hanamiya


I expected too much. With the setting that I have not had sex for 10 days, the content that keeps turning the camera with a documentary touch on Hanamiya who is lustful for 3 consecutive times. However, although I haven't had sex for 10 days, it seems that I was masturbating, so it's not true abstinence. Besides, Hanamiya doesn't feel so hungry for a man. Her tongue isn't entwined herself, and she has to actively open her crotch if she wants a man. Well, however, the actors are very active because they are usually doing intense production. The actress doesn't feel obscene, obscene, or bold. The composition is made up of actors' leads from beginning to end. At the end of the corner, when I moved to the next bed, the actor was holding my shoulders, so I could see Hanamiya's sweetheart. If she was abstinent, she wanted her to move and stick her ass into the camera first, showing her obsceneness enough to show the hole that the man stick had put in and out earlier. However, the content is above the average score with bold performance and posture. It was a beautiful set of ordinary tall beautiful women who successfully covered the plan collapse and the actress's lack of aggressiveness. By spraying the tide on the back, I was drawn in. The sloppy and distorted mouth is erotic. Amu Hanamiya's I enjoyed the beautiful collapse and awakening. I think it's okay to collapse more and more. There are still some hard parts, An actress with high potential. I look forward to the future! Amu Hanamiya, a tall and preeminent AV actress, aside from her face. So, of course, the naked sex scene excites me. This time, with the concept of "until the libido is exhausted", I just roll it up. Shrimp warping body at the woman on top posture, climax, shrimp warping body, etc. After all, Amu's body looks great. Of course, the man juice that overflows, the tide that erupts, and the pussy on the verge of collapse. No, it's a sensitive and excellent girl. Do such a fierce etch Did you think "I'm addicted" or "I don't want to spear again"? The quality as an AV actress is questioned.

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