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Mixed Body Fluids, Deep Sex Mayuki Ito S1 Shocking Performance Special
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 交わる体液、濃密セックス 伊藤舞雪S1電撃参戦スペシャル


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: September 4, 2020

GENRES: Beautiful Girl Big Tits Nymphomaniac Kiss Kiss



Among the sexy actresses, she is one of the best in looks and style. In addition to her gorgeous visuals, her eroticism is also odd. She personally wanted to see Karami with Taku Yoshimura, the first Karami. I thought it was led by Yoshimura, but Mayukichi was more aggressive and the S part came out. Both of them are greedy and have become quite rich Karami. Mayukichi and Yoshimura seem to be compatible, so why didn't you ever have Karami? I want you to continue to have a lot of color. Mayukichi's fans can't wait ?? Face, body, acting, pant voice are all the best actresses ?? Blow and wonderful ~ 162 minutes, erotic full-blown work! Although it is a series of "Mixed body fluids, dense sex", Different from the contents of the usual series The special feeling! Special version! Say "Tari na-i" with a lot of playfulness Unequaled Mayukichi is cute. /// Starting from the appearance scene at the station She entered the scene in a luxury car. She said in the car, "Ito-san is free to do it. I have a man and sake. ", Director? Said to Mayuki Ito enters the stage at the scene. /// As the word says, She's salty to appear with champagne The first Genjin Moribayashi. I feel even more special about the appearance of the forest! Gonzo is a forest. It may be subtle for Gonzo, but It is permissible if you look at the entanglement of Mayukichi and the forest. Mayukichi who died while disturbing her hair is cute. By the way, this is the third entanglement with the forest. With the first shot of "I'm poked right after I got it ..." The last of "Complete Abstinence Document ...". /// The second person is in the shower room. Keep doing the cleaning blow job all the time, While giving a blow job to an actor who resists The scene where she snaps her ass with both hands is a famous scene. /// The third is Taku Yoshimura. I came to "Mixed body fluids, dense sex"! I realized that. Mayukichi who says "I was waiting because I wanted to" is the best. Oil-covered sex with Yoshimura. In the face bukkake scene, I saw Mayukichi for the first time, whose face was covered with sperm by just one person. Mayukichi The largest amount of face bukkake sperm in history. /// The fourth is awakening in the morning. Is it because of an actor who is close in age to Mayukichi? I feel something fresh Natural and intense sex. Mayukichi, which is exposed to natural light, is reflected beautifully. Personally, this is my favorite. /// From the start of the first person's entanglement to the end. It was always erotic. Speaking of the last, the sense of ending is wonderful. At the end, it gives me more tension and makes me happy. Also pay attention to the cute ending Mayukichi. I think I'll watch it many times from now on Your favorite scenes are likely to change each time I personally think that it is a spectacular and delicious work many times.

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