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Big Tits Office Lady And Cherry Boy Boss' Weekly Escalations Into Weekend Sexy Overtime Work. Yua Mikami
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 巨乳OLと絶倫童貞上司の毎週エスカレートする週末のセックス残業 三上悠亜


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: September 16, 2020

GENRES: Office Lady Big Tits Cherry Boy Idol & Celebrity



I bought it as a black pantyhose fetish because I was attracted to Yua's pantyhose legs. Personally, I don't like garter stockings, but I have the impression that Yua-chan has been gradually increasing the number of works that wear black pantyhose these days. The only difficulty is that the story will be overwhelming. The appearance of the virgin director asking for sex is at the level of adolescent junior high school students, and this is quite terrible. I'm sorry, but when there is a man who can't become such an adult in the post of director, he looks at it while thinking about what it is like as a company. Well, it may be unavoidable because it is fiction. At the beginning, it is good to have a relaxed development in the overtime office. A scene in which the director gradually takes off Yua Mikami while listening to Yua Mikami's blurry but naughty guidance. It is a pretty erection possible scene where you can carefully observe the beautiful body of Yua Mikami. In the scene of the second overtime work leading up to the next production, it is interesting that the two people have a very serious and naughty exchange. After inserting it, the piston is surprisingly solid, and the joint is easy to understand! Yua Mikami in half clothes is beautiful. 4 consecutive shots with refills. Because it is attached with rubber, it will be a real shot. Blow from the next handjob, chest shot was perfect for Yua Mikami's erotic cute dialogue turning. Yua Mikami's black pantyhose black miniskirt OL is perfect for the entanglement hidden in the office that follows. Her cowgirl is also beautiful. The last is also entwined in the office. It's continuous shooting! I think the point of preference for this work is that there is no entanglement on the bed or sofa, but the entanglement in the office is quite good. You can check the joints well, and you can fire with confidence. I think that it is a wonderful work that you can thoroughly enjoy the beautiful body by turning the lines of Yua Mikami! I look forward to Yua Mikami's suit-related works in the future.

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