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It's Late At Night, 11 P.M., And I Had Missed The Last Train Home While On A Business Trip With My Boss, Whom I Hate With A Passion, And Now I'm Stuck With Him In This House, Out In The Middle Of Nowhere... As This Horny Middle-Aged Dirty Old Man Kept On Making Me Cum, Before I Knew It, It Was The Break Of Dawn... Aika Yumeno
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 深夜23時、終電逃し出張先のポツンと一軒宿で嫌いな上司と相部屋に…。 絶倫中年オヤジにひたすらイカされ続け気がつけば朝になっていた… 夢乃あいか


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: September 16, 2020

GENRES: Office Lady Big Tits Cheating Wife Sweating

ACTRESSES: Aika Yumeno


The blame of the boss who was sloppy, the entanglement with plenty of moisture, and the sweaty naked body are too great. Aika-chan is still of high quality. This kind of work is the essence of AV, or the royal road. I am very excited. Yumeno Aika, the strongest theory. Aika Yumeno is one of the best in the world if you let her do this kind of acting. Style is the best acting is the best and there is nothing to say. It's very good that you feel it while you hate it, and that you gradually feel it and forgive your body. Yumeno Aika, who is being bitten by a middle-aged father, is insanely erotic. I think it's a work level that can be the best masterpiece of Aika Yumeno. Aika-chan is beautiful, cute, and has acting ability, so I can't stand it. After all it is a beautiful big tits, and Aika is perfect for being fucked. The dissatisfaction was that he didn't play in his first suit and that he didn't have a facial. Still, I was so excited that the evaluation was perfect. I'm looking forward to future works. Aika Yumeno stays with her disliked boss in a room with a broken air conditioner. Of course, there is no way for a man to leave his finest body alone, and he is squid many times on the futon, and his beautiful sweaty skin is fully soiled with man's juice. The content is almost the same as the previous series work, but even if it is messed up and squid many times, it does not accept only kisses until the very end, and it is a night criminal as it is from the night ● The point that it keeps going on and is not released even when it is time to chuck out, and it fades out when the unequaled man tries to commit her who is disappointed that "I can do it about once more". The scene where the man's belochu is finally accepted and the body and mind are completely conquered is full of catharsis. At first, the mud is filled with liquor. While resisting with a slight force and consciousness, the yukata and underwear are stripped off and naked, the finest female body is licked as desired, and she is squid with intense copulation. The cunnilingus scene is also erotic, but the missionary position where the beautiful big tits of the saliva is shaken is the gem erotic. The end ends with abdominal cum shot from missionary posture. After a part without a blow job in the bathroom, I rushed into the night of the main part. The expression of disgust in the scene where the milk is licked is unbearably aroused. Gonzo photo is requested for polite service by mouth, and it is inserted as it is from the bare thigh of the face-to-face woman on top posture. The dislike of insertion fuels this atrocity. Commitment at face-to-face woman on top posture and sleeping back ● Reached many times, and at the end it was pierced violently at the back and it was deeply alive, the thigh was bukkake and it ended ... It is fucked at missionary posture. After the big tits are shaken to the fullest and acme, this time she bathes in semen. A man who enjoys a female body with cunnilingus after a cleaning fellatio. And even at dawn, the man continues to taste the sweaty erotic female body. The finest plump body is cunnilingus, licking breasts, and the foolery that writhes like a finger man is unbearable. After the fellatio, she copulates at missionary posture again, but she gets fucked while talking to her boyfriend. Immediately after I managed to finish the phone call, I was violently violated with my hips floating, and the erotic milk that shook Brun Brun is a must-see. After being squid, belly shot & cleaning. The stomach that repeats rough breathing with the afterglow of the climax and the semen accumulated in the navel are erotic again. And finally she entwined her tongue with a man and fell completely. When a man starts licking and cunnilingus again to taste her finest body until the time runs out, she also writhes as if to respond to it ...

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