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I Get In The Bath And Have Sex With This Middle Aged Man Who Has Been Taken Care Of Me Since I Was Young - Yura Kano
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 幼い頃から世話になったふた回り上の中年おじさんと毎日30分間の濃密な入浴と性交 架乃ゆら


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: September 16, 2020

GENRES: Beautiful Girl Nymphomaniac Kiss Kiss Sweating



As a change in emotions, resistance → no resistance → acceptance, and the development that erodes the mind as well as the body. About the contents. First of all, the scene of being attacked in the bathroom at the beginning. The open wet blouse is erotic. At the same time, the lines are good. Not only resistance lines such as "No" and "Stop", but also a wide variety of "I'm sorry" that sounds like shit. The situation where confusion and refusal are mixed is erotic. In the middle of the game, following the development mentioned earlier, the development becomes expressionless and non-resistive. In the scene in my room, the limbs illuminated by the light shining through the window are very beautiful. At first, he seemed to be frightened, but it was sorrowful that he gradually lost his emotions as he was tampered with. And at the end of the game, it changes from a non-resisting and compliant figure to an innocently sweet figure. The appearance of her words and actions as if they were regressing is a production that makes it easy to imagine that something has broken in her. An innocent smile on a grown body, a broken heart, and a distorted combination of them create a crazy sense of immorality and are erotic. And Egui. About the production. The tempo of the story is good. There were few useless scenes, but it didn't hurt the flow. A necessary and sufficient amount of drama part. Easy to see. It may be a factor that she was able to express and feel the change in her feelings not only in the drama part but also in the actual scene. Then the lines. Wide variety. In particular, in the early scenes mentioned above, there were many straightforward lines in addition to the lines of resistance and refusal, and the confusion on the spot was firmly expressed. After the heart gradually breaks, it is a good production that you can get a glimpse of the fragility of the heart and a part of the collapse that will occur around the point where self-negative lines enter, "Because I am a bad child ...". And after all, that transformation. From a good girl who does household chores and puts her hands on the altar, to a figure whose heart is broken, it seems to be shocking. Light make-up, clear skin, and regressive standing behavior even give the impression of "innocence." However, it is quite a horrifying story to imagine that the inside is crushed to the extent that it cannot be restored. General comment. The story is great. (Third time) But it's erotic. A work that feels like being beaten to the fullest with a sense of immorality. It was a wonderful bad end that I rarely see!

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