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My Girlfriend's Horny Little Sister Is So Sultry, It's Seriously Alarming... While My Girlfriend Was Away For 3 Days, We Spent The Entire Time Fucking And Sweating Like Crazy Lena Kodama
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 彼女の絶倫妹がムラムラし過ぎててヤバい… 汗だくでヤリまくった彼女不在の3日間 児玉れな


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: October 2, 2020

GENRES: Beautiful Girl Nymphomaniac Cheating Wife Sweating

ACTRESSES: Rena Kodama


very good. With a body that feels Rena's flesh, the feeling of being absorbed in SEX is the best. It seems that you are seeing the entanglement of ordinary men and women with the feeling that the two people who are entwined hug each other and enhance the pleasure, without the so-called AV-like posture or the intentional squirting. The shots from the camera are also natural shots like a general movie, and I am excited about the images. Although he is a young actor who doesn't know much about it, he felt more desperate than a skilled actor who was accustomed to it, and was addicted to the role of this work. I think it's very well done as a drama AV. It was a situation that made the most of Rena's moody feeling. It's really erotic that she hits her hips with all her might. It would be great if there were more works on the drama line. It's an unlikely situation, but I think it's interesting because it's a situation that you can imagine. It may be a little strange to express, but it may be easier to say excitement. Perhaps it was a good time for her sister (Rena Kodama) to appear while living with her, and when she left her house on a business trip for three days, her sister tempted her and she couldn't control her libido. I said that. Rena Kodama's lively and pant voice is too erotic and I get excited. Rena Kodama, who has a high degree of lewdness, is a lewd actress from the ground up, so it excites the viewer (erection MAX).

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