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Fresh Face NO.1 STYLE - Hana Arisu AV Debut
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STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: October 2, 2020

GENRES: Beautiful Girl Big Tits Titty Fuck Debut



Of course the plump boobs are great, but The neat face is especially wonderful. Sometimes my face looks like Kakko Suzuki, Even so, the visuals are very beautiful with the feeling that one of the AV actresses who made their debut recently is outstanding. The contents are interview, first SEX, fucking replay, It is a simple work that seems to be her second SEX and debut work. This actress had good missionary and doggy style, Especially the power of the dynamically swaying bust at the woman on top posture is amazing! This power is definitely better to see on a big screen than on a smartphone screen! !! Also, personally, the bikini I wore at the time of fucking replay was much more erotic and cute than naked. The looks when I first met, A neat and elegant look, It's nice to have a quiet and charming person ... In addition to that, whether you wear it or take it off Soft and big boobs that catch the eye ... For the time being, Just looking at Akachan's body It is a work of sufficient value. The boobs are out of specification. It is a masterpiece to see how the boobs sway endlessly! Isn't this body a talented person every few years with this look? I found it and bought it immediately. She was cute, her style was good, and she got big tits. It is a beautiful woman who is almost as good as a package photo. Still, the bust over 100? Is a masterpiece. The butt is also good. But my stomach is tight and there is no wasted meat (Is it plump? I love my daughter too). She says she likes anime, but she thinks she has the perfect style like an anime character. She has been familiar with AV for many years, but I haven't seen such a talent so much. She has the potential to become an icon of the entire AV industry, not to mention that she will definitely become an S1 signboard actress in the future. She has made a few works and retired is too wasteful, so I hope she will continue for a long time. I praised her a lot, but there is nothing special about her essential content as it is her debut work. The play itself is normal, neither good nor bad. But that's why you can simply enjoy the goodness of her material. From her next film on, she can't help but look forward to seeing her being horny in a variety of situations. Anyway, if she thinks she's looking at the package, she'll buy it. It's no exaggeration to say that it's the pinnacle of beautiful big breasts, and the appearance of large newcomers makes various places hot.

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