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Can't Stop Climaxing - These Orgasms Will Last You For Life - 48 Hours Of Extreme Ecstasy With Yua Mikami
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 絶頂の向こう側でイッてイッてイキまくる確変オーガズム状態のまま48時間耐久で一生分ハメまくった三上悠亜のヤバい性交


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: October 16, 2020

GENRES: Big Tits Documentary Idol & Celebrity Squirting



[Praise] I enjoyed various situations such as mischief and brushing my teeth while sleeping while wearing plain clothes (costumes) and transparent pantyhose. [Rebuke] I wanted to see the entanglement in the scene during meals (although it may not be hygienic) [Encouragement] I personally saw the play while brushing my teeth (with the toothbrush in my mouth) for the first time, so it was fresh and interesting. [Overview] Although it is said to be durable for 48 hours, it is not non-stop, so I personally say "48 hours durable wind". Yua Mikami, with bright brown hair, is beautiful as if it pierced through the visual kei. She seems to be a video that does not get tired even if the volume is turned low and it is played all the time. There was a half-finished entanglement that faded out on the way, but the three entanglements depicted up to the launch can be removed from its beauty everywhere. But I want more fierce play. You can't be satisfied with just a soft visual kei etch. Oh, and I was surprised at the mega electric vibrator that came out on the way!. I'm dying and dying ... Yua-chan ... The appearance of her fingers and toys blaming Oma-ko with Ji-Po and showing off the thread-pulling love juice has increased the excitement! ... I was slammed from the front to the back and died ..! ... and I feel that the licking of Ji-Po after passing away is becoming more indecent ... Yua-chan who opens her legs in an M-shape and chews on Ji-Po ... Soooooo! ... I just feel like I'm in return for being blamed for peeing like that ... I want you to lick it a little more and indecently ...

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