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Wish Fulfilled?! The Call Girl I Ordered Was My Client's Receptionist. I Know I Shouldn't, But I'd Always Wanted To Bang Her... Mako Iga
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 願望成就!? デリヘル呼んだら取引先の受付嬢だった。ずっとヤリたかった女を目の前に僕の理性は… 伊賀まこ


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: October 16, 2020

GENRES: Beautiful Girl Club Hostess & Sex Worker Slender Gonzo



● To put it better, I'm glad that it wasn't bland and throughout. After all, Mako Iga is cute. ● To put it badly, there was no sharpness throughout. I don't hate it halfway, and I don't fall. Well, on the contrary, it may be real in a sense. If this is the reality, I can't refuse because I'm a customer, and I may be reluctant to just do my job as a mistress like this. -It seems that it was a setting of M sexual feeling, so in the first scene I wanted to see Mako Iga's S Slut play with more lines of the actress than the lines of the actor. Mako Iga is cute and she likes the settings, but she couldn't get any excitement. Whether she hates it more clearly or falls into a man thoroughly, she responded with a throwing feeling to the opponent halfway, and there was no sense of OL who was not able to grasp the weakness. Well, speaking of real, it's real, but since it's a fake, it would have been nice to have some ingenuity to get a little more excited. Mako Iga is cute. Especially in the reception scene in the first half, the place where Miss Deriher was able to blame the blindfolded man was cute and erotic and was the best. It was a pity that I had a mediocre passive sex since the middle of the game and stalled. It was good that her face and hair did not get wet in the shower scene. When salesman Daiki Takeda called Deriheru, she was Mako Iga, her receptionist who had a crush on her. The salary of her receptionist may be tough in Tokyo. There is no sense of incongruity in the deli side business. Daiki Takeda sleeps on his back in a blindfold at a hotel by calling Mako Iga, who is set up by Miss Deriheru. At this point, neither Mako Iga nor Daiki Takeda are aware of each other. Mako Iga sucks Takeda's cock without knowing her colleague. After that, remove the blindfold and check each other. The situation is reversed. Takeda is kind enough to keep it secret from the company. Instead, let them understand that it is a crime. Mako Iga licks the hole in Takeda's ass on all fours, knocks her cock back and gives a tail blow job. Mako Iga who feels that her pussy is licked by Takeda. Accept the cock at the woman on top posture. Takeda exchanges sloppy with Belochu and makes Mako Iga estrus. Push up the pussy firmly from below and make Mako Iga feel good. Mako Iga, who doesn't want to be struck by her face-to-face sitting position and is so comfortable that she says "Ah, please stop", can bear it. Breast shot from missionary posture. She wanted the handsome receptionist to give her a facial ... Mako Iga who blows in the shower room and is thrown in by standing back. Mako Iga who is pushed up at her woman on top posture and can't stand the feeling of being too comfortable and goes absent-minded. Then she is backward woman on top posture. Mako Iga who hangs her sloppy and dies. However, there is no push-up and intense piss here. She didn't ascend ... Takeda finishes with facial cumshots from missionary posture. Mako Iga can sprinkle semen on her right ear and right side hair. I wanted you to semen belochu here. In the last SEX, after being made acme with the arm holding back, milking at missionary posture. Incomplete. Furthermore, it is fucked and facial cum shot is made from missionary posture. It was still a criminal ● Re yoga Mako Iga, but I lowered the rating by one star because there is no back cowgirl push up intense piss and receptionist skirt costume.

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