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Tiny Cutie Spends The Night With Her Huge Boss On A Business Trip And Ends Up Getting Bred Until Dawn Izuna Maki
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 細身で小柄な女子社員が巨漢上司に出張先の相部屋ホテルで… 朝から晩まで馬乗りプレス性交され続けた一夜 槙いずな


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: October 16, 2020

GENRES: Humiliation Office Lady Beautiful Girl Slender Cheating Wife



It's a shared room version of the horse riding press series, but the starring Izuna Maki is so cute! It's petite and has a good style, and I felt that the contrast with the giant fat swing of the other actor was also good. The flow of the story was almost as I imagined, but is it like this? I think it's a pretty good work, I recommend it. Nice to meet you, but very cute. I wanted you to enjoy yourself in a suit. This type of guy breaks up with and without clothes ~ + ★ Izuna-san, with a beautiful body, the reaction and dialogue are natural. It is real to look at the other person with your eyes wide open even if you dislike it. I think it's nice to accept it gradually and fall. The images are beautiful, including how to use the shower in the bath scene. Aside from acting ability, the entanglement between the big actor and the petite actress seems to be painful, but the feeling of Ryo ● increases and the excitement increases. I was screaming that even if I resisted, I would get a lot of it at the end. I hate forcibly, but Izuna-chan's growth can be seen in this work. Her slender and beautiful body is still good, but her way of twisting and making voices has become more sexy than when she made her debut. Especially the last play is good. I want to see a bright etch this time.

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