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Soft Sensitive Titty Special! Enjoy A Full Course Of G-Cup Boobs 200 Minutes Mahina Amane
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 敏感マシュマロおっぱいスペシャル!Gカップ超堪能200分フルコース 天音まひな


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: November 18, 2020

GENRES: Beautiful Tits Beautiful Girl Big Tits Lover

ACTRESSES: Mahina Amane


I got a side dish for a lifetime. It is a high-level work that can be photographed 50,000 times with just the chest. Especially, users of boobs stars will definitely regret not buying it. I've seen all of her works so far, but it's a good work, but something was missing. I think this work is a work that will eliminate such dissatisfaction. Especially, the boobs that sway in front of you at the woman on top posture are worth a look. I haven't seen any of her previous works so close to see her boobs. It's a work that doesn't disappoint, it's great to see your boobs up close from various angles ~ I recommend boobs lovers! It's almost like VR. I felt the effort to shoot cutely, and I liked it, but in the last 3P, the actor was in the way and I couldn't shoot the big breasts and cute face from a good angle. I have lost sight of what is important by trying to make a difference by forcibly inserting a 3P scene. You can ejaculate as many times as you want if you are told by such a cute girl, "Put it in your boobs ...". Especially the last fucking vaginal cum shot is outstanding and erotic! It's so cute ...

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