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New Face NO.1 STYLE - Mai Shiomi AV Debut
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STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: October 16, 2020

GENRES: Beautiful Girl Slender Blowjob Squirting Debut



This year's S1 will make a happy scream with many favorite children making their debut. I was worried among them Mai Shiomi A very cute girl with a shy smile The flute performance played between interviews is full of feelings of a deep window lady The first take-off scene is a must-see, and the fair skin is dazzling and smooth. She said it was a D-cup in both the package and the interview, but I think it's probably as close to E as possible. It is bowl-shaped, has tension, and has great elasticity. Insanely favorite lol My favorite position is cowgirl! I have no choice but to support this! Sensitivity check by an actor, which is not so much as an interview corner, changes the eyes when you keep touching it. It's an ecstatic look. I watched the interview, the sensitivity check, and the beginning of the first entanglement, but it ended up twice. However, the unfortunate point is that although she is a type whose sensitivity gradually increases, she turned off her switch while making her say the embarrassing words that are often found in newcomers, and how far her will be in the future scene. I'd like to expect to see a disturbed scene. The potential is very high! Add ★ 5 with expected value The debut work of the actress who is interested in Twitter I was wondering what her younger sister was, but she was convinced to see this At the time of interviews and entanglements, I feel like a younger sister, but I think her facial expression at the time of blowjob is like an older sister Her very younger sister who has both a younger sister and an older sister My personal preference was that when I was licking my ears from behind, I liked the expression with my mouth half-opened. I'm an actress who is looking forward to the next work, so I'll watch it many times until the next one comes out. Mai Shiomi, I watched it at a sale discount suddenly from the start of distribution. From the neat atmosphere, the innocence of the debut work is irresistibly excited. Despite the awkwardness, the actress forgets her camera and is immersed in pleasure due to the versatile and nasty blame of the veteran actor. An actress who wants to see her next work.

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