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Saki Okuda: 2 Hours Till The Last Train Comes, Having Adulterous Sex With My Irreplacable Mistress With The Hottest Proportions
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 最高のプロポーションを持つ唯一無二の愛人とひたすら浮気セックスする終電までの2時間 奥田咲


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: November 5, 2020

GENRES: Beautiful Tits Adultery Big Tits Cowgirl Blowjob



There are many affair works, but is the place of each work a city hotel? Only places like. In this work, the situation is good with affair = love hotel (although it may be a studio), it is realistic with a two-hour break instead of accommodation. Saki Okuda is also a cute and unrealistic work, so I don't regret buying it. I think it would be terrible if Saki Okuda's nice body appeared in the now popular ceiling-specialized VR! Please do come and join us! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! Meet at the end of work and go straight to a love hotel. It's a real situation, so you can feel a sense of intimacy. Saki-chan, the best mistress, is an erotic woman who has a little oba-chan face but is beautiful and has the best proportions. When I entered a love hotel, I couldn't even take a shower and licked each other from a fierce kiss ... Blow, cunnilingus ... Sweaty body, the smell of steamed dicks is irresistible. Itta Rasaki-chan sucks the cock once after raw fucking. And again she is raw ... Itta and others pull out the cock from the pussy and suck it. She repeats pussy to mouse. The finish is of course a cleaning fellatio with a chest shot. After that, Saki-chan is made to squid with electric massage machine and fingering. Then take a bath ... It's a little unsatisfactory, but you can see a loving SEX. It's sweet because it's Saki Okuda, but I can get 4 points.

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