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I Hate My Lady Boss, But Now I Found Out That She's Working A Side Hustle At A Pink Salon!? I Made Her Suck The Shit Out Of My Dick And Even Degraded Her By Fucking Her Too. I Turned The Tables On Her In Sex Court!! Miru Sakamichi
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 大嫌いな女上司がピンサロで副業!? めちゃくちゃシャブらせて本番OK嬢にまで格下げしてヤッた話。 立場逆転の性裁!! 坂道みる


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: November 5, 2020

GENRES: Beautiful Tits Beautiful Girl Blowjob

ACTRESSES: Miru Sakamichi


It's a drama about Miru Sakamichi, which wasn't very good, but it was good. The drama was done. She plays the role of a disgusting woman And even if she's such a disgusting woman, she'll fall in love with her so cute. She's acting well and she's a really disgusting woman It's cute ~ angry face and troubled face Even a face that seems to be painful with a big thing in its mouth Everything is cute ~ I see Sakamichi dressed as a noisy, fucking cheeky female director. Moreover, is it a side job? And I found out that I was messing with Miss Pinsaro. However, even if you grasp such a weakness, if you take it seriously, you are a woman who can gain an advantage only with a licking blowjob, It is the content that the position is reversed, the mouth and the pussy are violated by the AV setting. Of course, she's a woman who can't lose to Ji-Po, so in a sense, it's a play that she can afford. It expresses a feeling of being sick. In addition, a real baptism to Miss Pinsaro. Strong ● There was also a mouth shot, and I played a female boss who completely submitted to a man's subordinates. Well, personally, I'm more excited to see the offensive slopes. Ring ●, orgy, wrestling with Ji Po for hours and hours, I want to see Miru Sakamichi, a genius of sex that gets covered with semen and tide. Miru Sakamichi has a charming face even though she has a beautiful face. I think that's what makes her so attractive. However, in this work, there is not enough punch because of her cuteness. She has no sarcasm even with a high bee, and her original charm point is a double-edged sword. However, she loves Miru Sakamichi who can't become a villain completely. In the set ◎, the beautiful ass that sways like an unpleasant was sexy and excited!

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