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Flesh Fantasy x Fleshy Fantasy NTR A Cute And Chubby Girlfriend With Colossal Tits Is Getting Your Friend's Big Meat Pressed Into Her Pussy With Sweaty Sex And You Can't Say A Thing About It Shion Yumi
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 肉×肉NTR 可愛くてぽっちゃり爆乳な彼女が巨漢先輩と肉弾プレスで汗だく交尾してても何も言えない僕 夕美しおん


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: November 5, 2020

GENRES: Big Tits Nymphomaniac Cheating Wife Titty Fuck



Slender actresses look better on the screen. If you are a slender actress, you could feel the oppressive feeling of being crushed when you were in the press state of a giant actor. In the case of Shion Yumi, there is a strange sense of stability even when she is in the press state of a giant actor because she is a little chubby. Shion Yumi itself is very good, but after all, the entanglement of "giant" and "chubby" continues consistently until the end, so when I saw it to the end, I felt heartburn. For example, it feels like Mos Burger's 29-day limited "Niku Niku Niku Burger" is served four times in a row and eaten. However, there were not only bad parts but also good parts, so I will summarize them separately. 【good】 -Black nipples are erotic on a tan body! ・ Yuumi On's pant voice is good! ・ The entanglement of the fallen state in the latter half is spectacular! ・ The acting of the actors is stable. ・ Irama & Titty fuck from an angle from above with an awareness of the actor's eyes is good with a sense of reality! ・ Overall, the fucking scene is spectacular! 【bad】 ・ The dialogue in Pusheen is monotonous, "No ... Please stop!" ← Almost this. ・ There is no sense of crisis in how you dislike the first pusheen. ・ The mental state of Yubion on the day after the leap is rather normal. ・ The timeline as a drama is a little difficult to understand. -There was a scene where it was difficult to see the joint in close contact and it was not clear whether it was really inserted. ・ All the actors involved are the same. Overall, it is 4 stars as a cuckold thing, 2 stars as a leap thing, and 3 stars in between. Also, the mysterious resistance production of Shion Yumi who puts an empty can on the actor's forehead and locks it with his feet is a sight to see (the person himself is also laughing a little). Even a cute face became fluffy Shion Yumi is more and more cute. But the two men are also giants, It's like a super thick Big Mac. Yubi's young lady who is full of fat The meatiness does not stand out. But the Yarra of Miss Yuumi Was good. From a cute half-crying face Nasty face crazy about cock I can't stand the gap. That whip whip I want to grab the meat and put it in!

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