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This Elite Investigator Was Degraded With Aphrodisiacs And Turned Into A Golden Body Cum Bucket, Without Ever Taking Off Her Clothes Amu Hanamiya
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ORIGINAL TITLE: エリート捜査官を脱がさずに犯る媚薬漬け性処理女に堕ちた黄金比ボディ 花宮あむ


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: November 5, 2020

GENRES: Humiliation Big Tits Big Asses Other Fetishes Nymphomaniac

ACTRESSES: Amu Hanamiya


The intro part before entering the title screen, the lonely scene in a gray suit, and the infiltration scene in a black bodysuit that follows, both have excellent acting ability as an "actor". The eye-catching facial expression and the full-body shot that makes use of the god style are also high enough to make you think "Amuchida". A full-body shot after 38 minutes, the god body of Amuchi with his right leg on the sofa! !! A whip that is inserted while lying on the sofa and culminates, too erotic! !! The camera work that is conscious of the long limbs of Amuchi is also excellent. I was also happy that there were many close-ups of Amuchi's face. It's been a year since its debut, but it's been refined to a more refined and sophisticated beauty.

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