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Yura And Izuna Love Middle-Aged Men, And Their Lecherous Father-In-Law Loves Young Hotties! Yura Kano & Izuna Maki
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 中年大好きゆら&いずなと美少女大好き絶倫変態オヤジ 架乃ゆら 槙いずな


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: November 5, 2020

GENRES: Slut Orgy Kiss Kiss

ACTRESSES: Yura Kano Izuna Maki


Although it is not written in the sample or jacket, both of them are sucking man juice dick from themselves. Izuna-chan had a hard taste for her other works, so she had the impression that she was "finally!", But she had an image of Kayura-chan being so quiet, so she did such a positive ptom. I wasn't expecting it. Rather, I have the impression that Yura-chan is going to suck her. Kayura-chan's next work is a blow job directed by Comet Akai, so expectations are high. Of course Izuna is also a nice play. First of all, both girls are cute. This is important. And as a filthy work lover, I'm happy that 3 out of 4 corners are W Slut 3P. Especially in Chapter 3, in a nice costume of micro bikini and big mesh tights, Yura Kano and Izuna Maki attack words in a sandwich state, and there are relentless ear licking, nipple licking, deep kissing, and more. Press W boobs & butt on the face! In the latter half of the scene, while inserting into Izuna in bed with sleeping back, Yura is in close contact from behind her and entwined her legs, her ears and face are sucked and deep kissed is a masterpiece. is! Furthermore, while inserting it in the back to Yura-chan, Izuna-chan licked M man's face with her crab crotch and deep kissed was also very excited! !! I'm also a foot fetish, so I liked the scene where two people sniffed the soles of the uniform socks in Chapter 1 together and licked their bare feet in Chapter 4. It is also good that such a fetish element is casually included. If you have a similar habit to me, please buy it! First of all, the impression of the two. The innocence and well-balanced style that suits uniforms, and the somewhat sullen and lascivious atmosphere, seem to have something in common. A work that shows these two people behaving like S at times and M at other times. About the contents. There are not many consistent settings and stories, and each chapter has an independent image. Balance while being blamed at the beginning. Because the costumes are uniforms, there are many innocent conversation scenes between the two, and the bright and naughty impression is very good. This is the cuteness in the work. In the middle stage, the word blame from two people is impressive. Unlike the mischievous blame in the early stages, it feels like blaming with a slightly stronger word. At the end of the game, the two frightened people are treated as obedient pets. First of all, the scene of toy blame. The transition from a frightened expression to a screaming expression is good. And the costume is cute. Then the 4P scene. Both have great obedience. It's not that hard when it comes to play. About the production. First of all, about the actress. As mentioned above, I wonder if the two people are compatible from the viewpoint of the viewer, perhaps because of the commonality of innocence and well-balanced style. When multiple actresses appear, I sometimes get sick when I'm not the actress I'm looking for, but in this work, I honestly feel the wonderful performance of both of them, cute, beautiful, and naughty. I was able to. And lines. The interaction between the two is good. I especially like Chapter 1. cute. Next, I was interested in Chapters 2 and 3. Esthetic scene. The camera position is almost the same, the composition is the same, and the actor is the center, and it's hard to see the work scenery. Isn't it okay to incorporate subjectivity here in the sense of focusing more on actresses? And Chapter 3. After all actors are the center. Wasn't the close-fitting sandwich a bad move? When blaming words, the expression of ridiculing as if looking down is also cut off, and the expression when blaming words during insertion is also far away. I wanted to take a closer look at the two actresses. General comment. Casting victory. The appearance of two people lined up in uniform was very cute, and the appearance of two people lined up in a single thread was extremely beautiful. Also, a work with a harvest that you will want to see with this combination. At that time, wear uniforms! Please!

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