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Beating Off Middle Age: Honor S*****t's Diligent Blowjob Class! She Has It All Figured Out: How To Best Lick The Asshole, Balls And Tip - Yura Kano
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 中年を殺す 優等生の秀逸なるガリ勉フェラチオ 計算されたアナルから金玉・先っぽ舐めしゃぶりテク 架乃ゆら


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: November 18, 2020

GENRES: Beautiful Tits Beautiful Girl Slender Blowjob



An impressive work in which an honor student who looks good with glasses blames her for sex with curiosity and mischief. The appearance of slowly, politely, and relentlessly licking and sucking is erotic. About the contents. As the title suggests, the focus is on the blowjob scene. The production is twice. Like an honor student, the lines are almost all honorifics. First of all, about the blowjob scene. There are many close-up pictures, and it is good to capture the figure of licking and sucking slowly. In addition to enjoying naughty facial expressions, the appeal of sounds such as sweet and obscene lines, sighing voices, and saliva sounds is also a high point. About the production scene. First of all, the scene in gym clothes. Half-clothed SEX that leaves only on gym clothes. The flow that honor student blames positively. The finish may be a bit unsatisfactory with the launch from the handjob. The last chapter is a pattern that makes you naked from your uniform. There are some scenes that are blamed here, and it feels well-balanced. It is also good that you can see the beauty of the skin firmly on the whole body. About the production. First of all, about glasses. It suits you without complaint. Date glasses without lenses, full-length glasses are only in Chapter 1, and the remaining chapters are only in the beginning. The true glasses-ski brothers and sisters who expected to see the Pake-shot may be overwhelmed. But only this can be affirmed. The glasses look great and are cute. It's cute! About costumes. The skirt length of the uniform is slightly longer, which gives a sense of honor. The gap with an obscene blowjob is working. As for bloomers, the theme is only the theme, and the impression is thin probably because the focus is not so much on the buttocks and rose-apple. The loungewear and half-twin in Chapter 2 are just a lump of cuteness. The atmosphere of an honor student at school and the sweet atmosphere of a room wear when at home. Such a gap is not so bad. About the finish. Chapter 1 was good. The moment you put it in your mouth, the reaction is real, with moist eyes and lines that make you sick. Still, I love her honor student who continues acting firmly. Yura Kano did her best! great! You can take good pictures! General comment. The reason why I didn't feel monotonous even in the center of the blow job may be that there was a constant appeal of sounds such as her lines and saliva sounds mentioned above. Of course, the expression was also good. Also, according to Yura Kano's own review, her skin is in very good condition. Also pay attention to beautiful skin! !!

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