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The Stormy Evening My Girl Boss's Wet, See-Through Blouse Made Me Spill My Guts And Nuts. Minami Kojima
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 濡れ透けて露出した女上司のブラジャーにボクは我慢できず、全てぶち撒けたゲリラ豪雨の夕暮れ。 小島みなみ


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: December 4, 2020

GENRES: Married Woman Adultery Slender Cheating Wife Drama

ACTRESSES: Minami Kojima


As usual, it's cute. How to change over gasping when the switch is turned on. Most of the female boss's situation works are NTR series, but there are only stable good works. Minami Kojima's own reaction to play and eroticism attracts the same goodness ... Apparently, her excitement is low. Her concept as a "female boss", such as her age setting, appearance, and comparison with an actor, is beyond the point, but it is not "like" in some places ... The goodness of a female boss is the perspective, pointing out, and concern that a male boss does not have, but it is not "likely". Generally speaking, if you are a woman who goes out in the sales position, you can put a folding umbrella in your bag (if you are a boss, you should be prepared to act with your subordinates), so in the guerrilla rainstorm Was it easier to take a break at the hotel because you can't compete with a folding umbrella? If you're a female boss, your "tone" isn't "like" ... On top of that, the presence of the jacket that both the female boss and her subordinates had in their hands was like "where did you go?" The biggest neck is that the bra, which should be wet and transparent, has a weak presence ... I'm not particular about the size of the chest, but in the case of this concept, the bigger it is, the more annoying it is. Therefore, from the concept, if you don't twist the way it looks a little more, it won't come to you ... Basically, this is the main theme of the work and the reason for attacking, so you should bring out the maximum charm. And the feeling of strangeness in play is that it is too much to do for the length of "three hours" and too much attention to wet clothes ... It feels too urgent, and I didn't choose to use a shirt for the first time because I took a break from the hotel, and I wanted it to end in the middle (in the sense of smoothness to the subsequent development). The first thing I didn't understand was wearing a shirt from the last no bra ... If you want to give out fetishism, you have to carefully incorporate it in consideration of the fact that fetishism is a slight sense of incongruity and it is easy to reduce excitement. It's a work that I wanted to take another step, two steps, three steps, commitment, balance, and strength of creation.

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