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My Club's Busty Female Manager Offered To Let Me Lose My Virginity And Wound Up Cumming Hard On My Cock Miharu Usa
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 優しすぎて童貞卒業させてあげたら性欲暴走した後輩に何度もイカされた巨乳女子マネージャー 羽咲みはる


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: December 4, 2020

GENRES: Beautiful Girl Big Tits Cherry Boy Cowgirl Titty Fuck



Gentle Hasaki fell and was just cute Speaking of greed, a naughty school comedy starring Miharu Usa, an F-cup actress from an idol who wanted her to say what she liked and liked. A heroine school girl "Miharu Usa" who is the manager of a certain basketball club. She is Madonna who attracts the attention of all the students with her unusual looks and big breasts of F cup. At first glance, she looks like a "Born To Be A Flower", but she is a "friendly and caring girl" for the members of the basketball club. One day, when one of her timid juniors finds out that she is a "virgin," she buys a new partner to build her confidence as a man (as a player). Immediately before the insertion, the junior-kun's Ji-Po "withered", so the attempt ended once, but at a later date, he revenged with the uniform FUCK in the training room. She finally graduated from virginity by inserting a woman on top posture from fucking narrow shots. It should be said that her junior-kun's "stickiness" is really smiling, "I just want to roll it up" without worrying about the pace of Miharu-senpai. You can understand how excited Madonna is with Tension Max when she is the first person to experience it. However, Miharu's senior who became "a meat onaho who can always be fucked" due to the runaway of her junior who became completely "boyfriend-like". The days of sex crazy about the pool, gymnasium, her room and "anywhere" and "randomly". On the bed where sperm-covered tissues are scattered innumerably, the junior-kun's guess that keeps shaking his hips "just to satisfy her sexual desire" looks refreshing on the contrary. She responded to her with a smile like an angel of Miharu-senpai, who continued to provide vaginal holes, saying, "I'll continue to date a lot and be'my (love's) regular'." This is a book that clearly shows the overwhelming popularity of "Miharu Usa," who plays the role of her heroine. The kindness of F-cup milk that lovingly wraps the young meat stick that runs ahead is exactly the "boobs angel".

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