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[Down For Twosome Lesbian Love] S1-Exclusive Actress Miru Sakamachi And MOODYZ-Exclusive Actress Mizuki Aiga In Kiss-Covered Deep Climax Lesbian Sex
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 【Wレズ解禁】S1専属 坂道みる×MOODYZ専属 藍芽みずき 接吻まみれの濃厚絶頂レズビアン性交


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: December 4, 2020

GENRES: Beautiful Girl Kiss Kiss Squirting Gonzo

ACTRESSES: Miru Sakamichi Mizuki Aiga


Is there something beautiful that illuminates the world so brightly? Miru Sakamichi and Mizuki Aibu, who have been far from newcomers since they were newcomers, have been able to pull out the limits of our courage and sex. The ban on lesbians has been lifted together, and the two have met for the first time. Two young actresses who are far from newcomers praise each other for being cute, and even one of the kisses is ashamed and smiles at each other. Too beautiful. I'm a little embarrassed to hug each other when I take off my bras. Its appearance is more innocent and cute than a newcomer. While being puzzled by the series of "firsts" of showing lesbians, the appearance of gradually increasing each other was full of eroticism, and I witnessed the awesomeness of the two again. It was a work full of beautiful light that warmed my crotch and heart. The level of the actress is sloppy among the major exclusives, but it is extremely high among the actresses who have lifted the ban on lesbians Both of them seemed to have high potential, but the work ends when they get used to it. It was a wonderful work in the last chapter that made me want to see another push, but the camera work was disappointing anyway. The impression that I'm shooting from a distance from beginning to end, there are too few approaches. I was looking forward to it from the preliminary announcement stage, but honestly I was disappointed. The content was great, so it's really a waste. I'm not interested in the letter "re" in the lesbian, but Miru Sakamichi is out, so I bought it with a focus on interest, but I bought it and it was the correct answer. It's a soft impression for beginners, but both are erotic enough. Miru-san's aggressive attitude is good. Even if you don't think you are interested in lesbians, please think that you have been deceived and borrow it once.

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