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Ecstasy! First Experiences - Slim, Tall Girl Has Three Incredible Fucks - Multiple Orgasm Special Kanon Tsukishima
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ORIGINAL TITLE: 快感!初・体・験めちゃイキ3本番 長身スリムボディ連続絶頂スペシャル 月島かのん


STUDIO: S1 NO.1 Style

RELEASED DATE: December 4, 2020

GENRES: Beautiful Girl Slender Threesome / Foursome Huge Dick - Large Dick

ACTRESSES: Kanon Tsukishima


That is an honest impression. I can't express anything concretely, but I wasn't addicted to it personally. Kanon Tsukishima, a month ago, her brilliant debut with her tan skin and tall beautiful body, her evaluation was also fair. Her second work also has an outstanding style. Kuroda-san's immediate Zubo, Rikigyo SEX, Italian-san's reverse soap slimy SEX, Minami-san and Haneda-san's blindfold 3P, and a lot of blame, I'm excited. The most exciting scene is a restrained toy attack, screaming with her long legs shaking, and cum. It was the usual pattern for the newcomer debut and the second work, but I was most excited so far. In this case, the highest rating would be fine. The body is good, but the face is different from the Pake-shot. Her eyes are a little smaller and her chin is a little stronger. After that, I thought it was noisy to hear the pant just screaming. I don't think I will check the next work. It will be a powerful power-up work of Kanon Tsukishima released in the second release. Of course, it's lewd Kanon Tsukishima, so it attracts Eros! Her nipples are erected while she is being tampered with with her soft boobs and brown nipples and milk contours. A pussy that squirts a shaved pussy with a finger fuck and has convulsions. The nature of Kanon Tsukishima who is hit by the clitoris with a clitoris is lewd from the bottom (laugh)

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